Nada the Women's Health Physio can provides a range of services that assists female planning to have a baby, or are pregnant or have already had a baby. The services she provides are listed below:

  • Advice and support for women planning to conceive

  • Post-Natal check-ups: to check pelvic wellbeing after childbirth

  • Prenatal and Postnatal Pilate Exercise Classes

  • Prenatal Hydrotherapy classes

  • Physiotherapy centred 'Getting Ready for Motherhood' information seminar


Nada specialises in treating pregnancy related problems like:

  • Pelvic and Back Pain

  • Sciatic pain related to pregnancy

  • Coccydnia or tail bone pain

  • Wrist plain including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and De Quervains Syndrome

  • Lower leg and vulvar varicose veins

  • Breastfeeding and Mastitis

  • Incontinence after childbirth

  • Abdominal muscle separation after childbirth

  • Prolapse